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Thursday, May 1, 2008

An entry

I recently fell upon this website, . They're having a mother's day photo contest right now. The idea is that every Mom enters a picture that represents what being a mom means to her. The winner will get a $1,000 American Express gift card.

The attached picture is my entry. I took this photo last year on Mother's Day. It was an extremely special day as it was my first Mother's Day ever. Granted, I also edited this photo myself. I think the original pic has part of my son's baby swing in the background. :)

This photo is what being a parent is all about. My son's little hand is so dependent on mine. It's a beautiful, scary, and awesome responsibility. We all know that those little hands and fingers grow too quickly but the moment I captured is where every part of my son's life will go back to. He may not remember it, but this picture is the beginning of a life-long bond between he and I. I'm so proud to say I'm his Momma.


  1. I love baby hands! So sweet! There are some good photos in this contest.

  2. You took the pic? Nice one! I'm lucky to get a picture off before my son grabs the camera and starts eating it.


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