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Monday, May 26, 2008

After a long weekend

This Memorial day weekend was long, busy, fun, and enjoyable. Mike, Alex and I had all sorts of adventures together. I think my favorite part of it all is that we were all together enjoying our family time.
I tried my hardest to avoid the Blogger and the Myspace page for the weekend. I spend way too much time at these pages and wanted to be sure I wasn't missing the "togetherness" of it all. I actually spent most of my down-time uploading and editing pictures of our adventures.
Alex grows ever stronger with his walking and seems to be slowing a bit in the teething department. Perhaps he figured he could give us a break for the weekend and pick up again tomorrow. Whatever the reason, I'm grateful for his great mood.
Alex reached the number 14 last week. 14 teeth, that is. I think it's just crazy for a 13 month old child to have 14 teeth! He seems to think it's pretty crazy too. Sheesh. At least we're only 6 teeth away from finality.
The Tim McGraw concert last Thursday was amazing! My friend actually upgraded our lawn seats so we could be in the pavilion only 19 rows from the stage. I was blown away. I couldn't believe how close we were. My fave part of the evening was when Tim pulled up a little boy on stage with him. The boy was about 6 or so and star-struck like crazy. His face was priceless. Tim offered him the microphone so we could hear him sing. The little boy stared at the mic, then looked like he was saying "ya ya ya ya". Clearly, the little boy didn't know the song. ;)


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