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Monday, June 9, 2008

More on Booty Camp

I'm really into this potty training info so I did some more research. Here is a link to Wendy's personal website.
And here is a link to where you can purchase the book this technique is based on for as little as $1.00.
I've purchased the book and will be studying up for when it's my turn to face the potty training monster. :)
Good luck!


  1. Please do not mention those god awful words again! ;) (Potty training)
    I dread the days to come!

  2. We recently battled that monster. I waited until I was absolutely sure Beth was ready - and that was when she was 3! It only took us 3-4 days of going diaper- and underwear-free for her to get it. Now she's 100% dry night and day for the most part!

    Good luck!


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