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Monday, June 9, 2008

Meet the Potty Whisperer

My son is only 14 months old and I won't be potty training him anytime soon. However, I saw this great clip on the Today show and thought the rest of the Moms out there may want to see it if they missed it.
Here it is.
This is great advice on potty training!
And now that it's on my blog, I have a permanent reference point for when I am in fact ready to potty train my son.


  1. Okay that was a little disturbing all the kids are peeing in front of EVERYBODY! I think I'll stick with this in the privacy of just me & the cat!

  2. Ha! Well, I don't live in the Chicago area so I can't take Alex to her class. The book may be helpful for the angle of approach I should take...on my own. :)

  3. Half-Past Kissin' TimeJune 9, 2008 at 11:46 PM

    Hmmmm. Not sure I agree with this or not. The biggest thing I'd like to caution about is knowing when your child is ready. That's the art part of potty training, I think. Too soon and you'll have problems. She seems like a nice lady.

  4. Hey, half-past!
    Just so ya know, I've worked in childcare for 8 years before I had my own child. I've seen every successful and terrible potty training story there is to see. I promise to wait until my son shows a true interest. Otherwise, I'll have a stressful situation on my hands.
    I'm excited to read the book to figure out how to make his potty training HIS thing and not mine. That's what most interests me about this technique.
    Thanks for stopping in!!

  5. someone was just telling me about this today!!! so funny, i have to check it out!


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