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Monday, June 9, 2008

The Swimming gods Are Against Me

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Yesterday was another scorcher. I was very grateful for central air in my home but worried that Alex may get stir crazy being stuck indoors all day.

Not to worry, our condo complex has a pool very nearby.

I decided to wait until Alex got a good nap in so he could be rested up and ready to splash around. Meanwhile, I watched out the window while many children were already splashing and playing with their parents in the pool. I was so excited to get Alex in there.

I had everything ready and waiting.

As soon as Alex woke up, I got him ready to go. Mike had just returned home from his fishing tournament and was ready to go to the pool with us. One happy family, we made our way down to the pool...and it was locked? What? I swear there were just loads of people here! What's going on?

A few WEEKS ago, we tried to go down to the pool together only to be told that the water hadn't been treated yet and we needed to wait until the following Thursday. No signs were ever posted and the pool was never locked so people had been swimming in there for, well, weeks. I had been grossed out thinking about the occasional child peeing in the pool and all of the bacteria waiting to enter the bodies of the unknowing swimmers. Yesterday was so hot, though, that I decided that I must have been blowing the whole thing out of proportion. BUT I WAS RIGHT! YUCK! OH, YUCK!

Not to worry...I had a plan B. Let's go to the beach!

We live about 15 minutes from a nice park with a beach. Mike and I packed lots of water, snacks, clothes, and other beach items into the car. We were off. YAY!

We arrived and unloaded the car. I was so excited to get down to the beach with Alex. Then, we noticed that the wind had started to pick up. Hmmm...

We had literally been at the beach 5 minutes when we saw lightning strike on the other side of the water.

Are you kidding me?

Everyone was called out of the water. We hadn't even got INTO the water.

I laughed sarcastically as I packed everything up. As soon as we got back to the car, it started The sirens started to blow and I began to fear that a tornado would come sweep us away. There was a line of cars waiting to get out and only one exit.

I apologized over and over to my son and husband. This was MY fault. MY bad idea got us stuck in a car in the middle of a major storm. Now, if we died, I would die knowing that it was my fault. I even had visions of throwing myself on top of my son to save him from being swept up in the funnel cloud. Seriously.

Well, I never had to do that. We got home safe and sound.

In the future, I will pay attention to the weather reports BEFORE I head out to the beach.

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