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Friday, June 6, 2008

So much like his Daddy

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This morning, Alex and I were playing in his room. I just changed things around a bit and he really likes exploring the things I've added.
In his room is a little tikes desk. This is where we sit and color together. He also has a little plastic box (we pretend it's a briefcase) sitting next to his desk.
During his room exploration, he happened upon his briefcase. He grabbed it and started to walk out of the room while waving.
"Are you going buh-bye, Alex? Is it time for work?"
His reply was priceless.
"A-go-go Daddy".
As he left the room, I waved and said "Bye. Love you!"
Just like his Daddy does....he peeked his head back in the doorway and flashed a big grin.
What a ham!


  1. Too Cute!!
    And I see he's a climber just like mine!
    Does Daddy do that too? ;)

  2. Ha! Daddy does a lot of things that I don't see. He's constantly teaching Alex things behind my back only to be found out the next day.
    I usually call him at work and say "did you...?"


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