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Friday, July 18, 2008

First Thoughts

I just returned home from one of the longest weeks of my life. I think it may have even been longer than my first week as a new Mom.

There are many things to share and many thoughts to sort.

I just want to start by saying the week was great. It was trying at times but there was so much more laughter than tears.

When I arrived home today, Mike and Alex greeted me with a bear hug. It was so nice to be back with my little family. Alex quickly had me smiling and laughing while he tried to remind me just how sweet he is. (I never really forgot about that). I love him. I love my husband. I love that my family has been so supportive of my "mission" this past week.

While I was at camp, I never experienced a weak moment when I just wanted to talk to my husband or son. I never once worried about them. The only negative thought that crossed my mind was that my little guy may be mad at me for leaving him for 6 days. Otherwise, I was peaceful. God is amazing and has shown Himself to be VERY present in my life.

More to come following a good night's rest.


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