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Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Big Stuff

One of the neatest things about the campground where I spent my past week is it's location. The camp is a YWCA camp located just north of Lexington, MI. It is placed right off Lake Huron with a stunning view each morning of the sunrise.

Quite often, I saw boats racing, trudging, or sailing through the water. I never grew tired of watching these boats.

One day on the beach, I spotted a huge freighter out on the lake. I watched it as it seemed to be at a stand still. Then, I had a moment when God ministered something to my heart.

Sometimes in life, huge "freighters" come our way. Problems may look enormous and intimidating. While we see these problems, they look as though they're standing still as they promise to take a long time to be removed from our sight. The truth is, while problems may be "big", if we take our eyes off of them for even a few moments, it will be difficult to find them when we seek to find them.

When I saw the freighter on the lake, I simply adjusted my viewpoint. I looked for something else to focus on. There were so many other things to fix my eyes on.

Perhaps this is what God meant when He said "This too shall pass" or "seek ye first the kingdom of heaven". We have a choice of where to place our thoughts everyday.

What thoughts will you entertain today?


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