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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Is It Too Much To Ask??

I found this picture on a Google search and am using it as a means to protect the identity of my next rant.

Please, if you have children (even if you're just a pet owner who considers an animal to be a "kid"), be responsible enough to admit when you're child has done something to another child.

Do Not:
*Give a list of maybe's. For example, "maybe she's just sad. maybe my kid just stepped OVER her."
*Assume no responsibility whatsoever.
*Believe your child is the nicest child EVER and would NEVER intentionally hurt anyone.

Accidents happen everyday, everywhere, all over the world. No one is perfect.

*Pay attention!
*Call it what it is. For example, if your child hits another child, call it as you see it.
*Make sure the other child is alright before you hug your own. After all, your child didn't take the beating.

Let's all play nice, kiddo's. Adults are supposed to defend their child but also be there to correct their child when they make the wrong choice or aren't being careful.

(Big deep breath)

I feel much better now.
Thank you!

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