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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Don't Wake Up Mama Bear

While my family was staying in London, Ontario, we had some disturbances. Our first night there, a fire alarm was pulled at 1:00 in the morning. I, of course, got nervous and called down to the front desk to see if everything was alright. The woman there was frantic.

I don't know. I don't know. The fire department is on it's way and your best to go outside.

Yah, right. THAT does not sound like the best thing to do since I had a sleeping toddler to consider.

Mike and I decided it was smart to get out of there just in case. Alex woke up and was bothered by all of the fire trucks and people. Within 3 or 4 minutes, we were told it was all clear and we could go back in.

I crossed my fingers and hoped Alex would go back to sleep alright. He seemed to be fine...until he wasn't. The next 3 (yes, 3) hours were exhausting while Mike and I tried to get him back to sleep.

Our second night in the hotel, we all went to bed early. I joked that, "At least we got the fire drill out of the way yesterday. Tonight we can sleep."

I was right. No fire alarms went off. Instead, 3 boys decided to run up and down the hallways and stairs (our room was right next to the stairs) while throwing ice at each other and hollering. No one was doing anything about this and Mike was half-asleep while Alex started to stir.


I called the front desk to let them know about the ruckus. When I heard them by my room again, I opened the door.

Hey! Stop that right now! Pick another floor! I have a toddler in here who is sleeping. Stop it right now!

One boy said he was sorry and ran away. I watched the other 2 through my peek hole to make sure they didn't act up. When I saw one of them make a gesture to bang on my door, I flung it wide open and stared him down. They too ran away.

I heaped myself back into bed and realized I just scolded them like a Mom would. In the past, I would have cussed them out and said unnecessary, cutting remarks. I probably would have told them how I would go about hurting them. This time, though, I reacted like a Mama bear protecting her young.

I also prayed myself to sleep asking that the boys not return to our floor or think up ways to torture the "crazy lady in 224".

All was peaceful. Alex didn't wake up. I went to sleep.


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