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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Phew...What A Lot of Work!

It took me all evening, but I finally have my blog where I like it. Do you have any idea what a headache wanting 3 columns is? If I would have known, I would have never changed a thing.

So, here I sit. My design is done...I feel like I should be doing something.

What's that?

It's 11:00pm?

You're right, I should sleep.

Can I share a funny story first?  Good!

Alex has a little Curious George stuffy that he carries around the house from time to time. Most of the time, it's just an excuse to do his cute little "OOOH, AH, AH, AH" monkey noise. This time, though, Alex wanted to show me a new trick.

First, Alex turned George over and pat his back to "burp" him. This is totally my fault and the hubster supports it, so there you have it. I told Alex that I was VERY impressed by the burping George. That's when I saw it; Alex sneered his "gonna do something" sneer.

"OK. What's up your sleeve, kiddo?" I wondered.

Quick as could be, Alex pressed down on George's back and proceeded to make a fart sound with his mouth. This, my friends, is NOT my fault. I have never, ever even thought to show Alex how "everything farts".

Who do you think I can blame for this one? Hmmmm....I wonder.

(Alex is trying to hide from the Mama-razzi.)

Now, that I've shared that, I'm off to bed.


  1. Cute. Tell me, how do you change you blog site? I just posted my first blog "Just a Thought is the name of my sight. "To blog or not to blog, that is the question" is my first post.
    So let me know what you think? I too am off to bed.

  2. Love the funny story. My 2 year old thinks it is hilarious when she passes gas. She gets this big grin on her face and says, "toot toot!"
    I have to admit, though, that's entirely my fault...

  3. Ufff... I know how much work is it... I started doing it for mine, and got sick of it... But, now a customer ordered me a blog makeover with 3 columns, I figure it out, and it's almost ready... BUT, it WAS a lot of work!!!!!

    - Anelys (the new one from the MBC)

  4. Ooh, I like it! Great work! I couldn't imagine doing it all on my own. What little I did to mine took hours (literally)!!!:)


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