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Monday, August 25, 2008

Um, That's Not a Dog

Alex isn't feeling well lately. He's caught a summer cold that is giving him all sorts of coughs and sneezes alike.
As his Mom, my little heart breaks every time I hear his raspy voice or his big fat cough. 
"Poor Kid."

I have been saying these two words since Friday night.

Well, today was a day that wasn't SO bad in comparrison to how he has been. His nose was runny but it seemed a bit better. His coughs were few and far between. (But when they hit, they were big.)

I took Alex for a car ride this evening so we could drop our items at the library. I used the outside dropbox since I was afraid of taking him inside and infecting all of Shelby Twp. with his wonderful cold. On our way back home, I decided to take a detour and make a little stop.

The hubster wouldn't know....right away....since he was at the Tiger's game with a client.

We went to a pet store.

Now, now, now. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking I went to eye-ball out a dog to either buy or beg for. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand.... you're totally wrong. The store I went to had dog food but no dogs.

I've been rolling this thought of getting a dog around in my head a lot. The hubster is really against it and that makes me 50% uncomfortable with the idea. If he is going to resent the animal, well, that's just not fair to the dog. He's confident that this is not the time to get a dog; even though he knows that I'm serious about wanting one. (I've kind of been talking about wanting a dog for a couple years now.)

Anyway. I had to think smaller and simpler. I really do want something to care for and share with Alex.

So, Alex and I looked around the store. He fell in LOVE with the chinchillas...OK, "ya, right." They cost a couple hundred dollars and that's not exactly what I was thinking when I was thinking "buy a pet". Although, they are very cute.

Next, Alex was drawn to the bunnies and tried to pet them. Again...."Ya, right." If hubster doesn't want a dog I can guarantee he doesn't want a bunny. (Although, it would be funny to see his reaction to a bunny.)

Oh boy...I wish you could have seen Alex with the birds. You guessed it; "Ya, right." It was adorable but those things are so loud and messy. I don't want to take care of a bird. Isn't that what this is all about anyway?

So, what's left? Well, a few things were left that I didn't mention but here is what Alex and I chose together.

Meet our un-dog fish, Mitsu. She's a goldfish. You can bet that Alex was excited to see 2 tanks full of "Dorothy's" (Elmo refference). He was talking to them and pointing over and over and over. I'm not possitive that she is a "she" but in my world it matters not. I wanted a girl dog so I will use my imagination to say this fish is a girl. (How can you tell with a goldfish, anyway?) Hmmm.

I chose the name Mitsu. Yes, I had this name pegged for a small dog. Mitsu is a Japenese name that means "Shine" or "Reflect". What a wonderful reminder of how I should be striving to live every day. I should be shining my brightest at all times and I can only do that by reflecting HIS love. Now, let's just hope I can "shine enough love" to keep this fish alive. I don't know why fish seem like more of a challenge than a dog or cat.

Anyway...Mitsu is sitting right next to my computer so I can see her when I'm blogging or checking my e-mail. Tonight she has been sitting in her little bowl staring at me.  I like her. I think we made the right choice.


  1. Well, Mitsu is better then you coming home with MAx at 11:30pm when your father was out of town.

    Does Mitsu need any toys or vegatation for the bowl?

  2. Oh my! What a perfect first pet. We have had so many adventures with fish. Mitsu should be good for many future blog posts.

    Congrats on pet ownership!

  3. I hope that your little one feels better soon.

  4. I hope your son gets well soon. My daughter has the sniffles, too.

    I think the goldfish is a wise choice for a pet right now. But I am hoping you will still get your pet dog someday.

    A dog lover here,

  5. Great first pet! Actually makes me want to go out and get a Betta fish. We had one of those and it was so cool!

  6. "...amy's got her goldfish, her blog too..."

  7. i'm a fish fanatic so we have a 55 gallon tank. my son LOVES them and stares at them all the time. i think they're great ways to teach kids responsibility and how to care for a pet. good choice!

    check out my giveaway!

  8. We have fish and they are pretty easy to take care of. Good luck with that! Hope your son feels better soon!

  9. how fun!! like plants, I would have no clue how to keep that sweet baby alive....:-/

  10. Thats a great pet. I've been thinking about buying my little man a fish.


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