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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

'Cuz You Gotta Have Friends...

I'll keep this post short and sweet.

I just had a revelation today that my friends are more than just acquaintances. I have REAL friends. Go figure!

I think I'm way too hard on myself for everything. I often believe that I don't deserve the friendship that is offered to me. (These gals are pretty spectacular...let me tell you).

I had a friend look at me today and know that something was off. It took probably seconds for her to reach her diagnosis. She later shared that someone else had a feeling that something was off and I hadn't even seen her.

I'm thankful that my friends care enough to ask questions. They care enough to wonder how I am. I'm thankful that one, in particular, helped me tap into some feelings that I was trying to not acknowledge. (I think we're all familiar with the word "denial" from time to time.)

Since I'm thankful, I'll rejoice in the intricate and complicated design God used when creating the first woman. Yes, sometimes girls are nothing but an emotional handful. But, sometimes girls are sensitive enough to be just what you need when you need it. Sometimes a woman can be a true-blue friend just because she wants to be.


  1. yes we are lucky if we have friends like them. Not friends who look the other way and not say anything when you have a piece of snot sticking out of your nose or a smear on your face or something in your teeth...what's with that? :)

  2. Agree with zen ventures! Good, true and honest friends are priceless. They take work but it's worth every email, phone call or honest conversation!


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