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Monday, September 29, 2008

LittleMissMatched Giveaway

I randomly stumbled upon this company and was imidiately head over heels, crazy about it. The girlie-girl in me was absolutely thrilled to have found it.

LittleMissMatched sells things for both girls and boys as well as men and women. They offer bedding, accessories, furniture, books, toys, baby items, and more. (I just happen to LOVE the girlie-girl things).

Here's a little about the company and how it began:

Here’s how it all started: We were sitting around talking about the pesky problem of the lost sock. You know, the one the dryer always eats? We thought, “Why do we have to wear matching socks, anyway? Maybe matching is overrated?!” It was one of those "aha" moments. We thought…why not start a company that sells socks that don’t match on purpose? Why not sell them in odd numbers so even if the dryer eats one, it doesn’t matter. And best of all, if you get three socks that mismatch (but coordinate in fabulously fun ways) then you get three choices for a pair instead of just one. Suddenly socks weren’t just boring socks, but a way to express yourself and be kookily creative.

We originally thought these socks would just appeal to tween girls, but lo and behold, when the socks hit the world, we started to get love letters from 9 year-old girls, 19-year-old teens, 39-year-old moms, and 69-year-old grandmas. That’s when we knew we were really onto something.

Now we’re a full lifestyle brand with products for girls of all ages – from books to bedding, PJ’s to pencil pouches and flip flops to furniture. All of our products are designed to be fun, creative, wholesome, innovative and evergreen.

One of my favorite items on the website is a change purse. It's not just any change purse, though. The change purse is actually a baby sock. See? Here's what mine looks like. (all photos taken from
I think this is just so cute. 
I also have this.
Yes, I do mean to tell you that I proudly sport a polka-dot wallet wherever I go.  It's not LV, but it is original.  I love finding things that are perfectly "me" and this is one of those things...just ask my mom. ;)
Here are some things I love but don't own....yet.

Flannel PJ's

 Lounge Pants

It would be wrong for me to show you all of this great, girlie stuff and not share anything with you.
The Giveaway
I have two change purses to give away. They're both different so I'm just going to pick 2 winners and send you whichever one I happen to put into the envelope. 
To enter:
  1. Visit LittleMissMatched and find one thing I haven't mentioned that you like. Comment with that for your first entry.
  2. Grab my blog button, post about this contest on your blog, and/or subscribe to this blog for additional entries. (Please leave separate comments for each entry.
This contest will run until October 6th at 8:00pm EST.  
Yay for giveaways!
*p.s. on the LMM website right now, there is a 50% off outlet sale on select items. Check it out! There may be some great holiday ideas for you!


  1. Great contest, and they have such cute stuff! I love the tote bag, in Black Zany. Thanks so much for the chance!

  2. i LOVE LMM! i have wanted to get L some socks for a long time, she started mixing her shoes on her own months ago! i had no idea the line was more than little girl accesories! i want, no NEED those pjs, or the scarf with blue and green stars, and the wallet with stars. i wonder if hubby would wear those flip flops.... i just ordered the catalog, CAN'T WAIT!!!!

  3. Hi! Found you at MomDot.

    I love the pink hearts tights! So cute!

  4. Those are so cute!

    I also like the wristlets--very convenient and practical!

  5. I like the black Zany Kimono set!! Really cute stuff.I like the purple sock coin purse,purple is my nieces favorite color.

  6. I am a subscriber!


  7. I'm now following/subscribed to you on blogger.

  8. i think the 3 pack of socks is such a fun idea! I love crazy socks:)

  9. I love the marvelous stars bolster. I think I had an outfit similar in colors to the long sleeve lounge tee, black zany when I was an little 80's girl *giggles* :) I also love the leg warmers, fabulous black for women :)

    websurfergirl19 AT hotmail DOT com

  10. I love the zany black tights, omg how adorable!
    I ordered a catalog, can't wait to get it!


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