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Monday, September 29, 2008

The Most Wonderful Man...

... is my hubster.

I have to share with you what he planned for our anniversary.

On the 25th, our anniversary, he left a card on the kitchen table for me. What I read made me cry so hard I could barely read the card at all. In addition to what he wrote in the card, he wrote a separate note that he stuck in the card that was even mushier still. AND, he also stuck a mall giftcard in with another note that said he wanted me to use that giftcard to buy something special to wear on our date, Saturday. He arranged for my in-laws to take Alex overnight and didn't tell me one thing he had planned out for our evening. I was SO excited.

I found this cute little number at H&M to wear. It is a dress that I would not typically wear. I call it my Sarah Jessica Parker dress since it reminds me of something she would wear. It is a deep eggplant color and modest but it fit very well. (I knew the hubster would like that and I felt classy in it). I also bought some killer high heels and accessories to match.  I was ready for anything. :)

Saturday morning, we dropped Alex off at my in-laws and headed straight to the movie theater. We saw a movie called Fireproof that is about marriage and it's struggles but had a hopeful message to it. If you go see it, bring A LOT of tissue with you. I'm not kidding. Just when I was done crying about one thing, something else would happen that made me bawl. Now that I think of it, don't even bother wearing makeup. It gets all over the place.

After the movie, we came home, ate some lunch, and then I started getting ready for the night out. I did my own hair and makeup (it turned out so nice) and even ironed the hubster's shirt for him.

When we went out to the car for our date, I saw a bouquet of 3 HUGE roses on my seat. "3 beautiful roses for 3 beautiful years," the hubster said. (he's good, isn't he?)

We drove an hour to our next destination. We arrived at Carraba's, my absolute favorite italian restaurant. I teased that we live 5 minutes away from this same restaurant and the hubster teased back that he wanted me to feel like we really went somewhere. (ha, ha.)

Dinner was fantastic and then we had some time to kill before the next thing so we browsed at Ikea. I had never been there before so I didn't know that there was no such thing as a quick in and out there. You literally have to walk through the whole store before you are allowed to leave. I had to walk through the whole store in high heels. ugh!  Poor hubster had no idea and felt terrible.  After we finally got out of there, we went to an ice cream shop. YUM!

After ice cream, the hubster had a silly grin and said that it was time to go to our main destination. I've never been to Canton so I had no clue where we were headed.  As we drove by a building he said, "that's where we're going."

"The THEATRE! We're going to a theatre?" I was sooooo excited. 

I walked up to the billboard out in front of the theatre's entrance and saw what play we were going to see. Hello, Dolly.

I've seen this musical film about a gazillion times. I love this musical and how funny Barbara Streisand is in it. I couldn't believe that my hubster was willing to plan an evening out to see a musical play without me begging for it.

What a selfless act. He always told me that our wedding day was all about me. Now, I can say 3 years later, he still feels it's all about me.

I don't deserve this man, but I'm going to keep him.

I love you, pumpkin!


  1. Aw. I'm tearing up just reading this. Glad you had a wonderful day! Doug would never take me to the theater. NEVER!

  2. I am so glad you guys had such a great time!!! I could not wait to hear about it- Mike is great:)

  3. Oh, you are SOOO lucky to have a man like that! Your day sounded so fun!

  4. what a husband hes a keeper for sure ha lol
    glad your day was perfect and many many more like that too

  5. He sounds so incredibly sweet and thoughtful! I'm thinking my husband may have to read this post...he could use some tips!!

  6. Awww. This sounds like the perfect evening. How awesome!!

  7. Sounds like you both had a great time! Okay, now I need an anniversary do-over!

  8. Awww! Sounds like you had a great time! What a sweetheart!

  9. He sounds like a great guy. Happy Anniversary.

  10. that is so great!!! i was wondering what you two ended up doing. mike really did his homework on that one. WOW!
    i thought i was the only hello dolly fan! i actually have the dvd!


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