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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

OK, Maybe I Should Try Yoga

I know I just posted this morning on the random yoga pose that the Wonder Pets taught my son. Who would have thought that I have ANOTHER yoga story to tell?!?!

I just got home from the post office. On my way there, I was stuck on a 45mph road behind a woman who was honestly going 30mph. I tried to keep my cool so I wouldn't be a bad example to Alex who was watching from his carseat.

THEN, the woman turned into a parking lot...the same one I was pulling into and was crawling at around 5 or 10 mph.

RAR! I started to raise my voice..."LET'S GO!"

Lo' and behold, the woman parks her car on the opposite end of the lot and while I was entering the post office, I saw her walking into a yoga studio. I had to shake my head and chuckle (yes, chuckle) to myself. Is "Mother Nature" trying to tell me something? Am I supposed to take part in some sort of yoga class or something?

I know I lack patience but I don't think I'm exactly yoga material. Maybe I'll light a lavender scented candle and try to chill out instead.


  1. That is funny. I read your yoga story this morning as I'm anxiously waiting for my Yoga Booty Ballet CDs to arrive. Then I see a new blog post in my feed reader and it's you again with another yoga story. ;-) Now this makes #3 - My Yoga Booty Ballet just arrived via UPS as I was commenting here.



  2. I've tried yoga a few time. Videos mostly. I usually end up growling at the instructor who makes it sound like its so simple to pretzel yourself into those poses or is going too fast for me to keep up. HA! So, yeah, candles, a good book and maybe a little bit of doctoring to my cocoa after the girls are in bed. Thats all I need to unwind.

  3. By the way Roxanne - I do love the Yoga Booty Ballet videos. Haven't yelled at them yet either! :)

  4. I've gone through a couple yoga vidoes but I don't think I'm a yoga girl, I get too impatient and want to get up and do something else.


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