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Monday, September 8, 2008

We'll Miss You!

This morning, I discovered that Mitsu has gone on to fishy heaven. I had suspected for the past week that she was sick and did my best to keep her home clean and her belly full. I only wish I knew more about goldfish.

My initial reaction was a scream and then hyperventilation. I couldn't believe she died! The hubster came to my rescue right away and quickly "took care" of our fish since I was so devastated. When he came out of the bathroom with the empty fish bowl, I couldn't help it...I started crying. I went over everything in my head. Did I do everything I could for her? She didn't have ich...I did a lot of research on that. She seemed to be healthy, she just became lethargic and I couldn't fix it.

UGH! I failed with a fish, why did God give me a child?
*OK...I know that's a bit over dramatic.*

The truth is, goldfish are dirty, filthy fish and she was probably sick when I brought her home.

I'm just so sad.

Alex keeps looking around for the fishbowl. He comes up to my desk and says, "Where'd it go?" I just pout and say that the fish was only here to visit and it was time for her to leave.

It may sound silly, but I think I'll cry a few more times before I'm over it. Hubster says I can pick out a new fish next month. Until then, my blogging career is back to lonely. :(


  1. I'm sorry. My beta fish died about 3 weeks ago. I cried too. I had him 2 years & 4 months. He helped me get thru' some tough things.

  2. I totally understand how you feel. I get strangely attached to animals. God help us all when my beloved Labrador Retriever finally goes...

    You have my deepest sympathies (sniff, sniff).

    BTW, I like how you explained Mitsu's "disappearance" to your son. There's so much truth to that...we're all "just visiting."

  3. Sorry about your fishy. One of my bffs says that goldfish just don't live very long. She never told me WHY? but perhaps there's something to it. Just know that it wasn't your fault.

  4. Hey there! Thanks for coming by my blog and entering my blog design giveaway! I enjoyed reading your blog! So sorry about your fishy, I cried when my Beta "Blue" died... I loved that little guy! Time heals all wounds! :)Lindsey, Mommy Chronicles

  5. I know how you feel. I had the cutest goldfish named Poopsie. I was heartbroken when he died - and my husband still won't let me live down the fact that I brought in a "fish doctor" from Malibu to try and save him. Amen, Poopsie. RIP.

  6. Aww, I'm so sorry! I know how you feel -- that was my reaction when my first fish (back in college)died. It was awful! I'm glad your hubby could help out.

  7. sorry to hear about your fish~ we had a beta that passed away recently too. We won her in a raffle (I say her but don't really know) with a nice bamboo plant and she stayed in there a week or so but I was determined to get a nice roomy tank... and after a few days in the tank, well... you know the rest. So I often wonder if I should have left it in the very small plant bowl or not. again, so sorry about your fish!

  8. So sorry about your fish. I've been there myself.

    I highly suggest you get an aquarium next time with a small filter. It could even just be a 2 gallon with a mini filter. Goldfish bowls are just doomed to fail. The water needs filtration and at least biweekly 25% water changes...

    Yes, you caught me. I'm a fish geek!


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