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Monday, September 8, 2008

It Should Happen To Me

I just have a quick story to share before I head off to dreamland.

I had a class on campus tonight and it just happened to be rainy. It's a good thing I keep an umbrella in my car for just this sort of occasion. As I was leaving school, with a mob of people, I proudly carried my umbrella over my head. There was only 1 other in a pack of about 20 people who had one.

Then, I got to my car. That's when it happened...I somehow got the umbrella stuck on a bobby-pin in my hair?

What? No! This isn't happening. Snap!
Pull it together, Amy...don't let on...

I ever so carefully freed my hair from the mechanics of the umbrella and I don't think anyone saw. Well, if they did, I'm sure they'll know to keep their comments to themselves.

Once again, I find myself in a clumsy mess. That's twice in 3 days. What is wrong with me?

OK...go's OK to laugh now. ;)


  1. I wonder if it's not just an Amy thing? lol. Being UBER accident prone myself I get it... The latest for me was torn ligament in my ankle when I thought I was rescuing a child from the tub... Slipped and got hurt instead... It's somewhere in my blog if u get the chance to check it out, lol... In the meantime, just remember the mini first aid kit and the icepacks!!!

  2. I think you are still going through the stages of grief. Hang in there!

  3. lol. I used mine to get out of the car at you place. As I ducked to get out of the car, the apple in my purse fell out and rolled under my car. Ther I was hold the umbrella, shifting my purse and trying to look under the car at the same time. I got frustraed and decided to let the squirrels find it. As I straightened up and closed the car door, there was the apple by the back wheel.

  4. yet another reason why a raincoat is always better than an umbrella!

  5. I agree with the previous poster about the rain coat, it really is better. That's really too bad glad you made it to class.

  6. Funny! I recall once leaving campus late at night, exhausted from a long, boring lecture. At the time I drove a dark green Saturn SL, but that night I ended up getting into a dark blue Saturn SL. I didn't realize it until after I attempted to turn on the car and my key wouldn't fit. Then I tried to slink out of the wrong car without the floods of people coming out of classes seeing me. I didn't want anyone to think I was trying to steal it - I had my own Saturn!

    Anyway, to this day, I have no idea how my key alarm opened that car, or if it was just left unlocked and I thought my key alarm opened it.


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