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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What a Nightmare!

So, I've posted a few times about my clumsy spells. NO, I didn't do something clumsy again. ;)

I DID have a nightmare about all of this last night and I thought it was funny enough to share. (I could be wrong...oh, well.)

Let me set the scene. I'm shopping in a grocery store with my son in the cart. When I go to get something off the shelf, I accidentally knock a bunch of stuff on the ground. I grumble to myself, "Oh, snap!" and bend over to clean it up.

Enter random lady I don't know to the same aisle as me.

"Oh!" She says excitedly. "I know you. You're Amy. The girl from that blog..."
"Thoughts from the Mrs.?"
"Yah...that's right! Thoughts from the Mrs.! You really are clumsy, huh?" (giggle, giggle.)

end scene.

I'm so afraid this will come true. Maybe I should plan on staying in for superstition's sake.

Has anything completely ridiculous like this happened to you? Do your greatest fears put on a play for you while you sleep too?


  1. Hi, Amy! Oh, yeah, I feel your pain! I am not always known for my grace, either. Usually, I am okay. But when I get clumsy, I get CLUMSY in a big way! I have had those kinds of dreams, too, and I don't like them AT ALL!

  2. At least it wasn't the paparazzi and you were on the cover of US Weekly or something, LOL!!

  3. I have a constant recurring nightmare that I'm in college and discover I've forgotten to go to a class all semester and now I have an "F". My reaction is quite like the reaction of the sister in "Hook" when Captain Hook gives her an F, plus alot of hyperventilating. Why am I stuck in college in my dreams?!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog!I have some weird dreams about being unprepared...didn't go to class all semester and didn't go to track practice but now I have to run a race.

  5. I'm pretty clumsy too. I've almost gotten used to it. Check out our blog, there's something on there for you.


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