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Monday, October 27, 2008

...Breaking Me In Early

This morning was pretty normal. Alex woke up, I woke up, and we decided to snuggle and snooze another 15 minutes before starting our day.  I got dressed and had my hair in decent shape, fed Alex breakfast, got him into some clothes, and started to get some foundation on and get going with "painting on my face". This lasted all of about 3 seconds and then Alex decided to try and play with his dad's razor that he found.

Yah, right, buddy. Give it to Mom.

Alex decided to not listen and grip it even harder as I was moving to take it away. As he was flaling his hand, he ran his index finger over the razor and shaved of his finger tip. Mind you, all of this happened very, very quickly.

His hand was imidiately covered with blood and his scream was enormous.

I think this is the one time I could have cussed and gotten away with it but I prayed instead. I prayed out loud as a  way to calm myself and my son. I put pressure on the cut and held his hand over his head as I carried him to get some ice.

At this point, I gave myself a 15 minute limit to stop or slow the bleeding before I drove us to the ER. His finger was bleeding fast and all over the place.  15 minutes later, no change. I wrapped up his finger in 1st aid cream, gauze, and taped it off with a band aid while grabbing his blankets, curious george doll, sippy cup, and a wrapped ice cube to use in the ER.

The hubster met us at the hospital. I was pretty shaken and felt horrible. I know there was nothing I could have done to change what happened, but my baby was in pain and scared and I felt responsible.

Lucky for Alex, he removed enough skin to not get stitches. The nurse said there was nothing there to stitch together. So, he has a special foam sponge to act as a scab until his body will create its own. It will probably take a week to heal and I get to play nurse and check his finger in the morning and at night.

I know this is probably just the first of (hopefully only) a few ER runs for something my "boy" did. I don't think it would ever get easier with time. It's downright frightening to think that something is so bad "Mommy" can't fix it.

I know one thing for sure, though:

Amy + the hubster = one fantastic team.  As long as I have him to support me, I could face anything.

Now for the "awe" factor:

Alex is a champ!  He's number 1!   (I made the joke first. Now you can feel safe to make jokes too.) :)


  1. yikes! poor you! and poor alex!
    i hope he heals up just great.
    is dad getting an electric razor for xmas?

  2. Poor little guy. Its awful when they're hurt and don't understand why it hurts. Thank goodness my girls haven't dragged me to the ER yet...knock on wood.

  3. Oh man! Poor little man:( You and Mike do make a good team. I hope he heals quickly!

  4. Holy crap...

    I'm so glad he's okay.

    Stay tuned for my next blog which involves me meeting Jon at the hospital today for Lilah.

    It's strange how us moms lead similar lives.

  5. Oh no! Poor guy! I hope his boo boo heals up quickly!

  6. Ouch. Poor guy. It's amazing what they can get into. Forget about the ER trip being what is breaking you in! lol. - a major lesson my husband had to learn was trying to predict what could happen should the kids get hold of literally anything he touched throughout a day - it took some time, a lot of time, but he finally got it. The razors go up, all the sharp knives in your drawer should now be put into say a ceramic vase on top of the fridge, the perfume bottles you thought were okay on your dresser, up-outta sight, etc. Yes, you can spend all day teaching them "no," but that doesn't mean they don't best you from time to time, and I learned early you would rather avoid that than any injury! Trust me! I hope he heals quickly.

  7. Oops, that was supposed to read "avoid any injury!" lol

  8. Like you said, it just goes to prove that there is a little "Pointer" in him. You're right, his Great Grandpa will be so proud!!!! lol ;)

  9. Yowee I think it always hurts us more than it hurts them.

  10. To Chrissy:

    I just want you to know my house is completely safe and toddler friendly. This one instance was just a freak thing that happened. My husband feels awful for leaving his razor within reach. I feel awful for not being able to keep him from cutting himself.
    Also, when I said "breaking me in early" it was a joke. People tell me all the time how often little boys do things to land themselves in the ER. That's what I was referring to. I can't say he'll never cut himself on something in our home again, I can only say that we are as careful as we can be. This accident was due to human error and that is just unavoidable sometimes.
    Thanks for your suggestions, though.


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