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Monday, October 27, 2008

Tub Time Bumpers (review)

If your little one has far outgrown their infant tub but still needs a little more protection than your bathtub has to offer, you may be interested in this.

Tub Time Bumpers make inflatable bathtub liners that attach to your tub with suction cups.  There are different styles for boys, girls, or both. The bumpers are made out of vinyl, are non-toxic, and are lead-free.
(Here's the part I love)Tub Time Bumpers were created by an elementary teacher. (for those of you who don't know, I'm going to school for early childhood education right now.)

From the website:

We are Sara and Brad Kranson, creator of Tub-Time Bumpers. Our idea came to us one evening while we were bathing our son, Connor. At the time, Connor was six months old and he was too big for his little tub, so we graduated him to the regular bathtub. Even though we had a tub liner for the bottom of the bathtub, our curious toddler wanted to explore and as a result he continued to bump into the walls of the tub. So, like all ideas and inventions, this came out of necessity.
We decided as parents that we wanted a safe, protective product that surrounds the circumference of the tub. After much searching we found nothing on the market that met our needs, so we were determined to bring our idea to life.
Tub-Time Bumpers not only gives parents peace of mind while bathing their children, it also acts as an educational tool for the child as they can learn letters, numbers, colors and shapes. We hope you find Tub-Time Bumpers to be as beneficial as we do. 

If you're interested in where to find these bumpers, you can go to the website, One Step Ahead, or Amazon.


  1. Clever idea... and very cute blog :D

  2. Now that's a great idea!! I could've used those about 6 months ago!!!!

  3. THANK YOU, it took my husband along time to let our little one in the big bath, we had a smaller blow up bath that went into the big tub. Now he has finally graduated but some protection would still be nice.


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