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Friday, October 10, 2008

Master Lock iCage (Review)

If you have an iPod, you understand the love and expense that goes into a purchase for one. Yes, iPods can be pricey but they are SO wonderful to own....until someone steals it.

Next to cell phones, iPods are some of the easiest, yet most expensive things to steel. Anyone can pick one up and use it. That's why Master Lock came up with an idea to keep your iPod with you. Now, if you only use yours in your home or in your car, this may be a little over the top for you. But, for the athlete, this is fantastic!

The iCage has sizes available for the 4GB and 8GB iPod nano; and the 30GB, 60GB, 80GB or 160GB iPod classic. My iCage is for the 30GB classic. It's a perfect fit! The suggested retail price is $14.99 for the nano and $19.99 for the classic sizes.

The lock has a 4 digit code that you can set yourself as many times as you want. It will hook to your bike, jogging stroller, backpack, a park bench, excercise equipment, and so on. It's not terribly bulky or heavy. It's actually very light.

For more information about Master Lock’s new iCage™ and other security tips to keep you and your belongings safe, visit


  1. I've always wanted one. I told hubby that's what I want for Christmas. Good luck to me eh?

    Thanks for the review, we'll into it too once I finally have that IPod I've been dreaming for a while now :)


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