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Friday, October 10, 2008

Rockabye Baby! (Review & Giveaway)

 image taken from website
Here's a little something for you rockin' mamas and dadas out there.

Rockabye Baby!  makes lullaby cds for your wee ones that play versions of songs you love. There's something for everyone in their store. There are lullaby versions of everything from The Beach Boys to U2; and from The Cure to Queen(coming soon).  Your child can sleep peacefully as you learn a new version of your old favorites.

Alex has fallen asleep many times to The Beach Boys from Rockabye Baby!.  This was something very special in our home since the hubster loved The Beach Boys as a child and has great memories from hearing their music. Now Alex will have his own memories of their music.

We've also received a sampler recently that has many different artists on it. It's fun for me to listen and try to remember the words as I hear it being played over the monitor. :)

From the Website:

Rockabye Baby! is staffed by music lovers from all corners of  the world. Headquartered in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Silver Lake, the label was born of the need to make children's music cool-not only for babies but for their parents too. We turned to our record collections for inspiration: punk, metal, classic rock. The resulting albums are revolutionary yet reverential. In other words, the perfect give for a newborn, new parents, or yourself.

The Giveaway
Rockabye Baby! wants to share their music with you! 3 lucky winners will receive a sampler to play in their home. The sampler has 8 songs from every different genre.  You will love this! 

To enter, go to the website and comment here with your favorite cd from the store. 

You can get extra entries for posting about this on your blog, grabbing my button for your sidebar, or subscribing to my blog. 

This giveaway is open to all. The contest will end on October 17th @ 8:00pm EST

Yay for rockin' giveaways!!!


  1. I would love the Beatles album! What a cool way to bring your favorite artists into your home for your child!!!!!

  2. They've added new albums since I checked out their site last. We never did end up buying anything, but The Beatles, The Beach Boys, or Coldplay would be our pick...and maybe some others. haha

  3. posted about the giveaway on my other blog page:

  4. The beatles would be my favorite. by the way, I saw the dapper snapers on your blog and I just got them yesterday, My daughter used them today, LOVE them! thanks for the link!

  5. I'd like to say Nirvana, but that would be just for me. The Beatles one would be better for Lilah.

    See, I'm already choosing her music for her...

  6. I would have to pick Metallica or the Beach Boys.

  7. My choice would be the Radiohead album! What a great concept!


  8. I'm a subscriber


  9. I'm already a subscriber too. does this count as another entry?

  10. These are sooooo cool! I love that they have familiar artists with songs that we already know! I really like the Lullaby Renditions of Christmas Rock Classics. This would be a fun cd for the holiday season coming up!
    ladeebug224 t hotmail dot com

  11. HAHAHA!! These are great!! My little man LOVES music and dances CONSTANTLY!(ok so more like jerking back and forth and bobbing his head and flapping his arms).....I like the no doubt one!

  12. These are awesome! My fave is the U2 cd. Some great songs on there.


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