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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ugh! What a CREEP!

I'm still upset about this after 2 days so I'm venting.

Here's how the story goes. The hubster, Alex, and I went on our weekly grocery shopping trip together on Friday. (Yes, we all go together. We enjoy it.) When we got in line to check out, hubs went over to grab some bottled water as Alex and I waited in line.

There was a precious little red-headed boy in front of us in line and he was saying "Hi" to Alex. I thought he was so sweet. I just had to tell him what a nice little guy he was. His parents looked on at our conversation and I gave them a polite nod.

Cut to us loading our car with grocery bags. p.s. this is when i was mad about not having my cartstopper. ;)

As I put the last bag in the back of the car, the cart began to roll away. I quickly grabbed it, closed the back hatch, and began to steer it to the corral. (We were at Aldi and you have to put your cart back to get your quarter back.)

As I'm walking with the cart, I hear someone running charging after me.

What the...?

I turned and saw the red-headed boy's dad and as I did, he made his cart pop a wheely. I know...I should have melted right then and there....yah, right.

I decided that it was time to be quick with locking in my cart and grabbing my quarter. I did just that.

"I can't get figure this out for sh**"

Again, the boy's dad is way too charming for words.  (Can you hear the sarcasm?)

I got frustrated with him and decided to lock his so we could both go on our merry way.  I wasn't nice about it. I just locked it and turned to go. Then, the boy's dad turned into a TOTAL creep. He grabbed my hand as he said, "Thank you" and tried to hold it.

Now, I was totally P.O.'d and I walked very quickly back to my car. I was afraid to run my mouth at him because he was a pretty big guy and I tend to say way more than I should.

I waited for his car to drive away before I told the hubster what had just happened. He was upset and kept telling me how sorry he was. He knows my issues from my past and knew exactly why that upset me.

Oh, yah...and remember earlier I said, "His parents looked on at our conversation and I gave them a polite nod." Yup...that man was not only with a child but he was with a girl.

I was with my hubs and son...he was with his fam...what makes him think that it's OK to touch someone else's wife?


Thanks for "listening". I just can't let things like that fester.


  1. What a freak! That's just not cool! Why in the world did he think he could touch you in any way? How could he possibly misinterpret you talking to his son as an invitation to hold your hand. Yuck. I'm sorry you had to go through that!

  2. I can't believe he touched your hand! What a **@%head! Totally creep!

    Sorry, you went through that. uh, that makes me mad thinking about it too.

  3. Yuck! That would have set me over the edge! So sorry you had to deal with that!

  4. that is insane! You know, once I helped a family pick out glasses for their little girl, and then spent time with them when they came back to pick up the glasses. A couple days later when I was leaving the office, alone on a saturday, the dad was waiting outside for me and asked me out. How bizarro these guys are!

  5. UGH! What a complete and total creep!


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