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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Baby Loves Disco!


It's the latest craze and it's spreading like wildfire through-out the globe. Baby Loves Disco is the place to be.

Maybe you're already drawing opinions based on the title alone. If you're thinking something negative and haven't yet attended a BLD event, I can assure you, you're wrong.

Going to Baby Loves Disco was hands-down one of the best things I've enjoyed with my Alex so far. We went in October so he was able to attend a costume party. We took along some good friends and couldn't wait to see what was in store for us once we arrived.

When we walked into the club, there was someone there to greet us who put a band around Alex's ankle and handed me the matching tag so I could leave with him later. Then, she pointed out where everything was and we were on our way. Just for showing up, we snagged a free pair of Baby Legs, some free toddler tattoos, entered a free raffle, and got a cute BLD sticker. There was a room where there were MANY snacks to choose from, toys to play with, and people from local businesses with something for my little guy and his friend.


Next, we hit the dance floor. Again, there were snacks lined up on the bar, there was a DJ on the stage, lights were whirling around, bubbles were falling from the ceiling, there were more toys to play with, there were shakers to shake, there were hula hoops and there were scarves to dance with. The DJ was rocking some of MY favorite tunes. I knew that I wasn't at risk for hearing "rubber ducky" or "twinkle, twinkle". (Yes!) Alex was a dancing fool. He ran around that dance floor as if the party was just for him.


This is THE party to go to. What's even better? It happens EVERY month!

There are locations across the U.S. and even some overseas that host this event. You can go to the website to find out where the closest event is to you. You can even buy tickets online if you want. Some of these parties sell out online and others will have a few tickets left at the door.

A little info about Baby Loves Disco from the website:

Started by professional dancer (and professional mom) Heather Murphy, the idea was to create an alternative to the pre-packaged world of entertainment for young kids. “We’re parents, we’re always looking for something new and different to do with the kids,” says Murphy whose lifestyle (like most of the baby disco parents) was changed when she gave birth to her 4 year old son Max.

For a detailed account of how Baby Loves Disco started read this article by founding mom, Heather Murphy here.

Baby Loves Disco was also featured on my local news. :)

All in all, I wished my little guy had more energy and I wished the day was longer. I had such a great time there! On our way out, I was handed a reusable bag from Stride rite filled with info from my local sponsors. There was also candy (for me, of course) and 2 sweet wrist bands. 

One for me and one for him!
We hope to return to Baby Loves Disco very soon. :)

I hope you're able to find an event close to you! This is a MUST DO. Have fun!


  1. I have heard of this event before and I've been wanting to go ever since. It looks like you guys had a great time! How fun that you got to attend the costume party too. Your little one looks adorable :)

  2. It looks like fun. Wish I had something like that when my boys were younger.


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