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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another year...Younger

Let's talk about getting older.
(I can hear all of those groans you're making)
Seriously. Can we talk about it? Because it's happening to ME. Yes, ME, MYSELF, and I have a birthday coming up. 
Oh, man.
Why, oh, why do I dread this approaching day?   Well, It's because I'm entering my last "20 something" year. That's right. I'm turning 29.   Gross.
I know, I know...I'm only turning 29...that's what you're going to say, right? Well, it's kind of a big deal for me. Not to mention, I put undue pressure on myself to have another child before I turn 30...and the day or a week before doesn't count. 
It's just a "thing" with me. (We all have our little quirks, don't we?) My "thing", since I was a young girl, was to marry a guy with 5 letters to his last name (my maiden name has 11) and to have 2 kids before I was 30. Well, I lucked out and found the guy with 5 letters to his last name. Don't I have to fulfill the second part of my goal, now?
I'm so thankful to have my tradition of shopping with my mom for my birthday. I think this year it's going to be therapy for me. Well, therapy on a budget, that is. I can't go crazy and by a Prada bag just because I'm in denial about getting older. That's why I'm buying Coach instead.  (lol...I think my hubster's heart will stop when he reads that. It's a joke, dear.)
Anyway, I'm sure I'll have a new, annoying creak in my joints to share with you come Sunday (the b-day). 
Until then, I'll be shopping and eating like crazy. :) 


  1. Happy early b-day, I just turned 29 this past Saturday. Go Sagittarius!

  2. LOL I totally get it, I am turning 29 in February and feel like I am getting older everyday. Mine was to be married by 25 (just made that by 2 months) and to have all my kids done before Im 30. Well I think we have decided to just have one so maybe i am good there as well.

  3. Happy birthday!...soon! =p 29 is creeping up on me as well in March. I didn't have a specific "goal" but I always figured to have my kids by 30 as well. #2 is due in May, so hopefully we'll be done...Hubby is an old fogey turning the big 3-0 in April.

  4. Well, Happy early Birthday! My husband and I wanted to be finished having kids by the time we were 25. When I was pregnant with our daughter we were sure that we had missed our "deadline" because we were 24 and wouldn't have time to have our 2nd before we turned 25...lately we have been thinking about just having one child so maybe we met our goal afterall!

  5. Happy shopping sis! And just remember that all calories consumed in celebration of a birthday do not count!!

  6. i feel you on this one. 30 holds some dread for me. i'm not to far behind you!

  7. happy b-day!! And you're right... 29 is freakin' ancient. Which makes me, 31, the crypt keeper!

  8. I understand competely. Even though I'm not quite there yet, I had a huge complex about turning 26 because you're no longer closer to actually have to say late 20's (technically, but who does that?).

    Happy Early B-Day. Have a wonderful time eating and shopping.

  9. We are almost the same - I'll be turning 29 in two months, and I also want to have my second child by the time I'm 30 and be done with it. I'm getting slightly freaked out just thinking about it. Really makes you feel old, doesn't it?!

  10. !Feliz Cumpleanos! You are sooo young. Enjoy it:)

  11. Happy Birthday!

    I would love to be 29 again! That was a long time ago for me! lol
    Carol M


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