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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh, What A Mother Wouldn't Do...

It all started with a phone call. 

"Hi, Amy? We have the bed in you requested. Would you like us to hold it?"

"Yes, please do. I'll be there sometime this morning."

Yes....the bed of our dreams is available in the budget we set.

Sounds like good news, right? 

Well, I started off excited and packed Alex into the car after clearing room in the back for the bed.

Here's the bed of our dreams our worst nightmare:, the bed is in great shape and the price is just right. I paid my money and pulled my car around back to hoist that baby in there.

"Um....that's not gonna fit." 
(That's what the salesgirl thought.)
"Well, I'll make it work, then."
(I'm waaaaaaay too stubborn for my own good.)

Enter drama here.

The bed didn't fit but it was in one piece. I said I would just take it apart. Well, you can't just take this apart

Allow me to point out a few things working against me here.

Number 1.  The weather:

Yup...snow AND rain. Nice.

Number 2. The boy:

Oh, sure. He looks happy and sweet. Mind you, he's eating.

I was outside, in the rain, taking this bed apart with a man who came to my rescue and Alex thought,
" is a really good time for a tantrum."

I decided to move the boy, the man, and the bed into the back room of the store so we could try and take it apart in there. 

45 minutes later, we have ONE side off...just ONE. (p.s., I'm never taking this thing apart again.)

The boy's tantrum continues as I try to calm him down. No luck. 

Enter the bribe.

I bought this to entertain him while we were taking off the one side of the bed.

Yah, it worked and YES, I went $4 over budget. It was a very smart $4, though.


We got the bed into the car. We got the boy into the car. We went home.

Sometimes, I'm amazed at what I wouldn't do to get something that I my son would really like.'s a little sad what I put myself through, huh?

Oh yah, I forgot to add...YES, Alex is excited about his car bed. He just really wanted to go home.


  1. I know it was horrible, but if Alex likes his car bed it was totally worth it!!

  2. Aw. Moving to a big boy bed! How exciting. And I love that bed. So cute. Zoe naps in her bed only, no night-time sleeping in the big girl bed yet :-)

    And, yes, we would do anything for our kids.

  3. YEAH, you found the bed!!! You were sure you would find one and you did:) Now the real fun begins- getting Alex to sleep in it. We are in this one together!

  4. The strength that we have somewhere deep inside only to surface in real times of need. That and a costly bribery. I think you handled it really well and found the time to share this story with humorous commentary.

  5. cute bed - that reminds me of the time i bought an outdoor gas grill for my husband as a surprise father's day gift. only to discover it didn't fit in the trunk of my accord. when i finally got it in and home, husband didn't really like it and in a fit of rage (or stupidity) i returned it!!!!!

  6. wow, i can't tell from the pic how you can take the bed apart. how did the reassemble go?

  7. I wouldn't say you were stubborn, just really, really determined!!!!! Glad you got the bed. Did you get it back together before Mike got home, or did you wait for him?

  8. It isa cute cute bed. I want posts dedicated to moving him into that bed now please !!!

  9. Does he like his new bed? It looks super cool. I hope you had a great big glass of wine or coffee after your ordeal.

  10. Awesome bed! We still have our son in his crib, but I know that he really should be moving to a bed pretty soon. Kudos to you for handling that situation - that was $4 well spent!


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