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Monday, December 15, 2008

The Birthday Weekend :)

Let me just tell you, my weekend was a blast from beginning to end.

Friday evening, the hubster and I went out for a fantastic feast at a Japanese Steakhouse. After that, we walked and shopped with Starbucks in hand to keep us warm. It was pretty cold outside and we were shopping in an outdoor mall. :) I decided that I wanted to stay in and rent a movie at the end of our date so we did just that.

Saturday morning at 8, my mom arrived with an egg nog latte in hand to start the day off just right. We went to Tony's for breakfast and split an omelet. (Tony's makes good food but their portions are HUGE). After breakfast, we went to Frankenmuth and enjoyed ourselves as we shopped the town, ate our yummy German food, shared quite a few laughs.

Sunday, my actual birthday, we started our morning at church with my Grandparents. I'm a lucky girl to get them all to myself every week. After church, we let Alex get a nap in before we headed to the hubster's cousin's house for a family Christmas party. It was a great time. There was plenty of food, good conversation, and even music. Mike and his cousin played Christmas songs on guitar and piano.

I'll share some pics from my days out.

OK, what?
I took this picture in Bronner's Christmas Wonderland. Nothing says Christmas like a decapitated Santa. Way to go, snow man.
I thought this old Mill on the river made a pretty shot.
See? 29 doesn't mean boring. Apparently it means even more silliness.

Make sure you always put your garbage in the "Donke Schon".

Another pretty shot. I took this before getting pelted in the face by Michigan's cruel snow/ice flying from the rooftops.

I still have some birthday money left from our adventure out and I'm not sure what I want to buy. Hmmm...any suggestions?

Thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday. It was wonderful.


  1. what a fun weekend!! love the one at frankenmuth with the snowing coming down. very nice.

  2. oh that sounded like fun!! Great pictures!

  3. from katrina even thought it will say anonymous due to using a diffrent browser due to the "scare" using the default browser that has all my blog sites marked
    just wanted to wish you a happy birthday!
    katrina in AZ

  4. I'm really laughing at that santa head


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