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Friday, December 12, 2008

Tonight Is MY Night!!!

Tonight is the big date night for my birthday with the hubster!
I'm SOOOOOOOO excited for this. 

We're eating japanese. I think we're eating japenese. I really think so.
(time to show off my chopstick skills)


We're shopping, walking, talking, holding hands and enjoying our alone time.

We may see a movie, we may not. I may have wine, I may have Starbucks. 
It's all undefinded and up to me. 


I may not be excited for my approaching age, but MAN do I love a good night out. this is completely off-topic but it cracked me up.

Watch this video and someone PA-LEASE tell me what kind of dance is that woman doing?

I've watched it 5 times now and I can't stop laughing.



  1. i have no idea what she is doing, but i am laughing, too.

    enjoy yourself tonight!! (i love the japanese food and starbucks, too)

  2. Have fun!!!

    I have no clue what that is. lol

  3. that is funny! have a good time tonight. i love those rare nights :)

  4. HALL-AIR-Y-US! Are you going to end the night with some hot dancing like that? tee hee.Have fun on your date, that sounds like a date my hubby and I do, but without that dancing...

  5. Ohh have fun on your date night, it sounds wonderful, they are precious times.

  6. Happy Birthday. Enjoy your night out with the Hubs

  7. Have a great time tonight! And I'm not really sure about the dance! Maybe you should have a couple of glasses of wine and give that one a try!

  8. oh have a BLAST!!!!!! I'm so super jealous!!

    AND that dance...I think I've seen it before..maybe when my sister sat in ants?

    So..the "I got ants in my pants" dance?

  9. Have a super time, that video is cute!!

  10. I don't what the hell she is doing, but it is awesome! love it!

    hope you had a great night out!

    sounds like you had the set up for a great night!
    the dance looks similar to what i do around the house to tick tim off. works great.

  12. Birthday you enjoy it. I think she's doing a special "30 is sexy dance" for your b-day!

  13. That video was funny! Random yet funny. Hop, skip, slap and wiggle, I had no idea that those dance moves were around then. Darn it, I'm not very original after all. :D

    Have a great night out......

  14. I hope your date was FABULOUS!!!

    And, I believe she was doing the Peek-a-boo Mambo...

  15. It's the Hoochie Coochie Amy Birthday Dance! Happy Birthday!!!

  16. Happy Birthday! (A little late.) Hope you had a great date night! Japanese food is so yummy, hope you ate lots! And I have no idea what dance she's doing but it's pretty funny - thanks for making me laugh!

  17. Looks like some awesome dancing-lol! Hope you had fun on your date night. I dont get too many of those!


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