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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Coffee Talk Time!

Welcome, welcome! Pull up a chair, grab a cup-o-joe and enjoy.



  1. Peace Amy! You are too funny! Good job. I look forward to more coffee talks!

  2. i love your coffee talk videos! keep them coming! and sorry about your drama.. no fun

  3. Look forward to each and EVERY video.
    No more free hair cuts?

  4. LOL peace.

    How sweet are you to give us three shout outs! :)

    Mmm friendships are strange aren't they? I've had a few fizzle over the last few years that I didn't think would. It can be sad. But looking back I realized that I was a better friend than they were to me, so it doesn't surprise me. True friends, quality friends. Those are what matter. The rest, I shrugged and said "Oh well!"

    Oh I so want to know which song you're thinking about doing...Hmm.

    Have a fabulous day! Thanks for the cawfee ;)


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