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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Old Wives' Tales

It's strange how many old wives' tales exist in reference to pregnancy and gender prediction. Some of them are just strange, really. For example:

  • When you sleep, is your pillow to the north or the south? *Um....mine is to the East. What does that mean? I know I'm not having twins.*
  • Do you need to eat the heel of the bread or do you not want it? *What does that have to do with anything? I could take it or leave it. I don't love it, but if it's all that's left, I may not have a choice.*
  • Is your husband gaining weight during your pregnancy? *He runs almost every other day. Would I notice if he gained anything? Probably not. Now, ME, on the other hand...*
  • Do you pick up a key by the thinner part or by the rounder part? *Where did you come up with THAT one? What in the world?

Seriously, I'm concerned about the days of old when woman would gather in circles around tea and talk about these ideas as if they were reality. "Pick a little, talk a little." I roll my eyes at these ideas. (no disrespect.)

SO...I decided to try out an old wives' tale test. In this test, you put a ring on a string and hold it over your wrist or belly while lying down.  If the ring goes back and forth, you're having a boy. If it goes in a circle, you're having a girl.

Here's my test. Please excuse my breathing. My camera was sitting on my shoulder. :)

We have 9 weeks until I find out what I'm having. I think I may start a pool or survey for you all to play along. *We'll see if this test is bologna or not.*

What do you think of old wives' tales? Nonsense or fact? Should I be excited that the ring went in a circle?



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