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Friday, May 15, 2009

Adventures on "E.I.E.I."

Alex and I took a spontaneous trip to the farm this morning. What I thought would be a simple, fun day out, turned into a fun day with scattered adventures here and there.

The farm we went to visit is a country drive from our house. Appropriately enough, the farm is on a dirt road. As soon as I turned onto the dirt road, I thought for sure I was going to see pieces of my car falling off. To say the road was bumpy is an understatement...even at a mere 15 mph. So bump down the road we did for almost 2 miles.

When we arrived at the farm, (after I checked to make sure the car was still in one piece) I took Alex out of the car and heard him exclaim, "E.I.E.I.!! Farm!"  He was ready to go see the Cows right away.


We stopped over and visited the sheep with their ewes and the goats with their kids. (Are they not adorable?)

Alex was extremely excited to see the billy goat and donkey. See?


What's that? I forgot the donkey? Riiiiiiiiiiiiight....that must be because Alex and I also witnessed a brutal fight between the billy goat and the donkey. Guess who won? It was pretty funny, though. Alex was in awe over the whole thing and I had to literally pull him away to go see the pony. 

After seeing the pony, we headed off to visit the goose. Here's where our day gets very interesting. Alex and I were casually walking along the side of the gated pond where the goose lived when suddenly...


"WOOOOOO!" I yelled as I jumped 3 feet off the ground.

There just happened to be a mama goose sticking her bill through the fence about a foot from where we were standing. Alex wanted to be held imediately and I was laughing so hard I could barely move. We scooted away and I was getting ready to take a picture when...


MR. goose game strutting out to threaten our very lives.

I was still laughing pretty hard and Alex began laughing too. "Duck. Quack. It's loud," Alex said. We backed up a bit further and I just had to take a pic of the Mr. strutting around.


We wrapped up our day with a visit to the chicken coop and saw these little babies.

After washing our hands and eating our lunch, we were safely back in the car and ready to drive back down the very bumpy road toward home. Who knew so much excitement was waiting at the farm. :)



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