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Friday, May 15, 2009

Aloha Friday ~ 5-15


YAY FOR FRIDAY! (thank goodness for it, really.) On Friday, I like to take the opportunity to kick back and relax just like Kailani at An Island Life (without the beauty of Hawaii to take in, of course). Every week, she asks a question and gives bloggers the chance to ask their own question, link in, and meet other bloggers. It's great fun!

This week, she asks:
Are you more of a book smart or common sense person?
My  Answer: 
I'm absolutely more of a "common sense" kind of gal. Book smarts are great, but if you lack common sense, you're in bad shape. (I wish I could say "both" as if I were a genius just brimming with common sense. Hmph)

My Question Is:
What movie or TV show can instantly cheer you up or lift your spirits?
My Answer:
My movie choice would be Notting Hill and my TV show choice would be The Office.

I hope you enjoy your Friday!



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