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Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me Monday ~ 1

This week is my very first time participating in Not Me Monday. If you'd like to read more "non-confessions" and play along, visit My Charming Kids.

So, what did I Not do this week?

Well, for starters, I did not allow Alex to sit in the new bouncy seat we bought for baby number 2, A.K.A. "spicy baby". He is not too big for it and does not look adorable checking himself out in the mirror hanging over the bouncy seat. I would NEVER let Alex do something because I think it's cute.

Alex and I did not go to the zoo with my in-laws last week and have a blast. Isn't there some unwritten law about having fun with your in laws?

Last week, I did not get a migraine and fall asleep on the couch while Alex watched his show...Absolutely not. I most certainly did not wake up to him laughing hysterically and running around without a diaper on either. THAT is just crazy talk.

I would NEVER laugh at a classmate while she was in the middle of a presentation. That's just mean. I did not try to hide my face while my shoulders shook up and down either. There's no way she was begging for the giggle fit and no one else found it funny either.

I did not whine for the millionth time to the hubster about wanting a Canon Rebel. It is NOT possible that I would dedicate a post to that same whining either. What am I, pathetic? Not me!

This morning, I did not cry and have a toddler sized fit about not being able to find something to wear. My clothes are not all too big or too small for my growing baby bump and it is not that big of a deal. Since when should clothes fit and make you feel like less than a heifer?

Finally, I am not currently watching episodes of The Office on Netflix while hurrying to catch up with the current season. There is nothing funny about that show and Dwight does not make me belly laugh every episode.

What did you not do?? I'm not curious at all. :)



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