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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tot School

We had a lot of fun this week in Tot-School. We learned about the letter "F" and the number 4. To play with our topic, I went on a hunt around the house for toys that began with the letter "F".

Here's what we played with:

I filled a basket with a four-wheeler, firetruck, frog, flamingo, fawn, and other things. The frog puppet talked to Alex about all we saw in the basket.

Alex played with his Little People firetruck and fireman.

We also played with his Little People Farm and his Melissa & Doug Farm puzzle.

We found a flower pot and seeds at the Target $1 spot.

Alex painted his flower pot...

and planted the seeds after the flower pot dried.

Here are the little flowers, just growing away.

I'm excited for the week to come. :)



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