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Sunday, July 12, 2009

All Things Baby ~ Bugaloo (review)


I learned with Alex that soft-soled shoes are great to have for babies as it keeps their feet warm and stays put comfortably. These are also great to have for new walkers. The shoes protect their feet but help them to walk as if they were barefoot.

Bugaloo makes an adorable line of soft soled shoes that are perfect for anyone. What’s even better? They only cost $14.99 a pair. I was able to check out the “Lucy” style in a small (0-6 months) for the baby girl on the way.

IMG_2339 IMG_2338


I love how adorable these shoes are. They’re like little ballet shoes for her tiny toes. I already have plans of her wearing these with her Christmas dress. :) I also appreciate the quality of leather and stitching on these shoes. I know they’re going to be comfortable and get a lot of wear.

Beside the “Lucy” style, I also love the “Bluebirds” style for boy or girl


and the “Zach” style for little boys.

Clipboard08 Go on over to Bugaloo today to shop their shoe selection. Be sure to enter their contest to win $100 cash too! There is also an opportunity to receive free shipping on your purchase.



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