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Friday, July 17, 2009

All Things Baby ~ Child To Cherish (review & discount)

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Child to Cherish has a website full of gifts for a baby who has just arrived or is on the way. This is the perfect place to shop for baby shower gifts.

From the website, I was able to review “A Block To Grow On”.




“A Block To Grow On” comes in 3 different colors. I was able to review the block in pink. Inside the plastic box the block came in, there is a permanent marker for filling in the sides of the block as baby grows.  On this block, you can track the baby’s growth for the first 12 months and mark important dates for baby’s  “firsts”.  For example, there are places to mark “Baby’s first smile” and “Baby’s first word”.

Also, “A Block To Grow On” is a bank. It has a plug on the bottom that is easy to remove to take money out (no need to break it).

This is the perfect thing to keep for your little one as he/she grows and store for the day they have children of their own.

Beside this item, there are many more to choose from. Another cute idea is the Small Buttermilk Farm Basket in yellow.


This basket comes with a yellow 12” x 14” blanket, a 9” plush animal, a veggie rattle, and a Buttermilk Farm Handprint Tin.

Buy It!

You can buy “A Block To Grow On”  for $20.99 on the website. Be sure to click around and look at other items as well. At checkout, enter the code cwtm10 to receive 10% off your purchase.



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