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Friday, July 17, 2009

All Things Baby ~ Kokopax (review & discount)


Kokopax is a company that was started by a mom, Sarah Spoor, who wanted to put a modern twist on the lightweight, backpack carriers of the 1970’s. When she successfully did that, she added adorable totes, baby sunhats, and organic accessories to the line.

For this event, I was able to try out a Kokopax Tote in “Sailor”.


This tote is perfect for a mom (like me) who has things to pack for the park or the beach. The inside of this tote has deep pockets and a change purse. Also, the lining is made of nylon so it’s easy to wipe up any mess from drinks, snacks, or dirt.


This tote is ready for the outdoors and a lot of use all the way around. Not only is its fabric durable, but the bag has a sturdy bottom and feet to help cut down on the wear to the bag.


Packing this for 2 children on an outing will be a cinch. With plenty of room, pockets for necessities and bottles/cups, and an attached change purse, I won’t need any more than this one bag.

Buy It:

You can purchase any Kokopax products directly from the website.  If you decide to pick something up for yourself or for someone you know, I have a discount to offer you!!  Enter the code cwtm2009 at checkout to receive 10% off any purchase.



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