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Thursday, July 16, 2009

All Things Baby ~ Pediped Originals (review)


I am a huge fan of baby shoes and have seen some of the most adorable styles available from Pediped. Pediped Originals are shoes meant for children from age 0 – 2 years. Pediped Flex shoes are for children from ages 1-6 years.

For this event, I was sent a pair of Addison Stripes Pediped Originals in an XS (0-6 months).


Beside good looks, these shoes are made to support baby’s feet in a natural way.  They have a cushioned, leather sole and are designed carefully with baby’s foot in mind.  To better explain, here’s a look at the sole of the shoe.


Pediped Originals are also approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Pediped Flex shoes are made similar to Originals but are built for the wear and tear a 1-6 year old can put on them while simply being a kid. If I had my choice of Pediped Flex shoes for my son, I would choose the Jake shoe in Light Brown.


Buy It:

Pediped shoes range in price depending on the shoe and can be purchased a number of different places. To find a store near you, click on the Store Locator link.

Thanks to Pediped for this review opportunity! I’m sure  my baby girl will look just adorable in the shoes you sent.



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