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Thursday, July 23, 2009

All Things Baby ~ EasyWalker Sky (review)

easywalker banner 2
EasyWalker is a stroller company based in the Netherlands that makes outstanding single and double strollers.  Soon, there will be new models of the DUO and QTRO strollers available for purchase. The SKY model will be updated with many of the same features as the DUO but will not be available for purchase until late this year.
For this event, I was able to review the EasyWalker SKY (single stroller).  The stroller frame came with an attachable seat for babies who are sitting and have good neck control to children around the age of 4 (depending on their weight).
IMG_2519 IMG_2518 
The wheels are inflatable and the front wheel swivels an entire 360 degrees. If you prefer, the wheel can also be set in a locked position to go straight. The second option is great for joggers/runners. The logo on the front is glow-in-the-dark which is great for evening walks.
The seat can quickly and easily be adjusted to 4 different positions; from sitting straight up, to laying down. This is done by unlatching the clasps in the back and unzipping one or both zippers to lower the seat.
The basket underneath is large and perfect for use on outings such as trips to the zoo or shopping. Behind the large basket is the brake bar. Simply use one foot to lock it down or unlock it.
In the above picture, you’ll also see the shocks on the frame.  This makes for a very smooth ride for the baby/child in the stroller and an easy push for the adult behind the stroller.
On the back of the seat, is a large pocket with a small zippered pocket to hold things like your id/money/keys safely in one place for easy access.
The canopy has a window for mom/dad to see the child in the stroller. If it’s too sunny, simply velcro the window down to block out the sun.
The stroller’s handlebar can easily be set low or high to match your height and comfort while pushing  it along. Simply clip the locks on each side to set it where you want it.
Clipboard01 Also, when you purchase the SKY stroller it comes with a rain cover. This is vented on both sides and is easily set in place with velcro.
The Carrycot (for infants up to age 7 months) is sold separately and comes ready to fit right on the frame of the SKY with an accessory bar. With the Carrycot, you receive a mosquito net, rain cover, and duvet cover to keep your baby’s favorite blanket covered and clean.
I am so excited to use the carrycot for outings with my baby girl. I know she’ll be comfortable on its soft mattress and I’ll be able to see her as I push her around in the stroller.
Something I’m looking into purchasing for the SKY stroller from EasyWalker is the EasyBoard. This attachment snaps right onto the frame to allow a place for my toddler to stand as I push the baby in her carrycot or stroller. This quickly turns a single stroller into a stroller for 2.
If you would like a better look at the easy use of the EasyWalker Sky stroller, watch my video review below.
EasyWalker Sky video review from TheMrs. on Vimeo.



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