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Monday, July 27, 2009

Kerusso (review)

For 3 summers, I have been a part of Champions For Life Kids’ Camp. This camp takes in foster children who are wards of the court and shows them the love of God for a week. A child who is a ward of the court is someone who has been removed from their home due to being abused, abandoned, or neglected.
The stories I hear from these children while at camp are heart wrenching but that is the greatest reason for wanting to show the pure love of God to these little hearts.
I’ve blogged about my experience at the camp in the past. To read one or more of my posts, click a number.
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As a “Camper Buddy,” part of the fun of camp is decorating your cabin with a theme for the girls who will be staying there. My mom (who also volunteers at the camp) and I have come up with some good themes together in the past.
In December, we were out shopping for my birthday and saw this “Born to Worship” T-shirt and this “Pick Jesus” bracelet from Kerusso.
That was it, we decided right then and there that next year’s cabin theme would be based on “Born to worship the Rock” and “Pick Jesus”.
I was so excited at the time and I had no idea that a couple months later I would find out I’m expecting another child…after I had already felt like there was a reason I shouldn’t go to camp this year.
I continued to help my mom get things together for her cabin. If I couldn’t be at the camp with the girls, I was going to be there in spirit.  Kerusso made this even more possible for me.
Generously, Kerusso sent 6 T-shirts in the Rock’s Star-2 style.
and wristbands in this style directly to the cabin the girls were staying in.
Imagine their excitement when they arrived back at their cabin to see that FedEX delivered something just for them. These girls were not interested in doing anything other than seeing what was in the box (as my mom tells me) and were very excited for their gifts.
Please read my mom’s write up on her experience with Kerusso by visiting her blog. (click the link in the sentence above.)
This is the first time I’ve done a “product review” by having it sent to someone else but this is the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had.  The girls will forever remember their special gift and now have things to remind them of their cabin at camp and of what they learned about God’s love.
Thank you, Kerusso, for sponsoring a part of the girl’s cabin at CFL camp. I hope you know the blessing that you are to these young lives.
Buy It:
You can buy clothing and accessories from Kerusso for children, teens, and adults in all sorts of styles. Stop by their website today.


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