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Sunday, July 26, 2009

All Things Baby ~ Norwood Arts (review)

Expecting my second child, I want to make sure that I make the biggest fuss over Alex so he knows that he is loved and cherished.  A wonderful way to do this is by using Countdown Boxes from Norwood Arts
Alex received the Big Brother Box and we will be using this to countdown the last 10 days before his sister's due date together. The Countdown Boxes work like an advent calender. Inside the box are 10 small boxes with a different gift in each one.

Now, I did take a peek inside the boxes to see what Alex would be getting. There were things like toy cars, stickers, and balls. After opening each box, I thought, "Alex is going to love opening these together".  The gifts are so perfect for him and they will get him excited about being called a big brother.

If you're having your first child, there are Countdown Boxes for you to open with your spouse/significant other to countdown to his/her due date. The concept is exactly the same but the items are geared toward the baby's needs. You can purchase a Countdown Box for a baby girl, a baby boy, or one that's gender neutral.

These are such a wonderful way to celebrate a new life entering a family.
Beside the Countdown Boxes, Norwood Arts also sells beautiful baby announcements, invitations, holiday cards, and graphic designs.
Visit their website today to find ways to celebrate a new life coming into your family or buy a gift for someone who is expecting.
Buy It:
Countdown Boxes from Norwood Arts are $39.99



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