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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pregnancy and Crazy Dreams

Yes, I’ve always had some odd dreams but the ones I’ve been having lately take the cake for sure. What is it with the crazy dreams you have while pregnant?

Take for example my latest crazy dream. In my dream, I’m taking Alex for a walk in his stroller and have a group of school children with me. We walk into this office where a man tells us about a recent case where a mom was suspected of giving her child ecstasy but was never charged of it. He said, to this day, the mother still has custody of the girl and the girl is extremely delayed in her development. The children who were with me disappeared and it was just Alex and I left talking to this man.

THEN, the woman in the case the man just described walks into the building and is my friend??? She started chatting it up with me and we walk out of the building together. We continue to walk down the road and as soon as we get about 4 blocks away, we hear a “BANG!!!” and see black smoke billowing from the same area we were just in.

I called the police right away and my friend didn’t seem to care about any of it. Would you believe, she placed a bomb in the building and blew it up??? The audacity!

I have NO idea where these things come from. I’ve never seen the lady in my dream before in my life. I guess now I know to steer clear of her if I do happen to run into her in real life.

Have you ever had a dream that was just crazy nonsense like the one I just described? It’s almost disturbing the things my brain musters up.



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