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Monday, August 3, 2009

Does a Cold Equal “Soul”?

I’ve had this icky, sticky cold for almost a week now. It’s SO not fun. Yes, I’ve passed it to my son (unintentionally, of course). Today, I had a coughing fit and the results of that left me with a scruffy voice and a sore throat.

I started thinking about what I sounded like all stuffed up with a scratchy throat.

First, I thought, “Maybe I sound like Snuffleupagus”. Hmmm….

OK…no. I don’t sound that bad and could that song be anymore annoying? I think not.

On with my thinking. I pondered and pondered and finally, I got it! Here’s what I sound like (just more authentic if you ask me).

Yep, that’s it and it makes me laugh too. :) “Oh, my sticky shoe.”

I guess when you feel like you’ve been run over by a big rig, you need to find a way to laugh at yourself.

“Thank you my babies.”



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