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Monday, August 3, 2009

My Night Out with the WNBA


Last Friday, my family was invited to enjoy a WNBA game at The Palace of Auburn Hills. We had never been to a WNBA game before so we were excited to see what it would be like.

When we arrived at The Palace, we were very excited to learn that we would be sitting in courtside seats. This brought us right into the action of the game and made it very enjoyable for all of us. Also, Alex (my toddler son) was able to see Zap, the team Mascot, up close. He LOVED Zap.

DSCN0300DSCN0293 DSCN0333

The game we saw was the Detroit Shock vs. the Minnesota Lynx. I took personal pleasure in this match up as I have an older sister who lives in Minnesota. A Detroit Shock win would just give me one more thing to tease her about.  (Sometimes sibling rivalry never goes away.)

Here are some pictures of the action during the game:

The Shock played well the entire game and pulled out a win. Woo Hoo! Of course, with any game comes a lot of stops and breaks for time outs, half time and such.  Thankfully, there was never any “down time” as a viewer. There was always some sort of entertainment on the court whether it was a game between 2 fans, free pizzas being handed out, or the Shockwave dancers keeping us moving.


And when the entertainment wasn’t enough for my toddler, he just played a game of peek-a-boo with us or danced.


At the end of the game, we were given an opportunity to attend an autograph session with “Z” (Shavonte Zellous). She was very gracious to us. She signed our ticket and a Detroit Shock t-shirt for us. She also thanked my son when he told her “Good game”.

DSCN0363 DSCN0364

We had a wonderful time and I look forward to enjoying more events with the WNBA. We would like to thank One2One Network, the WNBA, The Palace, and the Detroit Shock for all the fun we had.

**All personal photos were taken with a Nikon COOLPIX P90**



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