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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9-09-09 and What Was He Thinking??

This morning started like any other. (OK….I DID get to sleep in today thanks to my growing son and that’s not “the norm” around here. Just humor me, k?)

…This morning started like any other. We woke up, had breakfast, and then got into our day. Alex asked for Jello after he finished his breakfast so, since we didn’t have any, we made some.

After breakfast and making Jello, Alex wanted to get into playing and a snack. As per normal, he chose to eat raisins.

I took to kicking back and JUST got my computer turned on when I heard…


“What’s wrong, buddy?”  (Alex comes and rubs his nose on my knee and then on his lovey.)

“Momma, raisin is right there.”  (he points up his right nostril)

“Are you serious? You put a raisin up your nose?”


“Let me see, buddy. Momma needs to take a look.”

(Crying and HUGE fits ensue as I try to see the raisin and then try to use the nose bulb to get it out. No luck.)

Alex started sniffing in and out and I saw the right side of his nose begin to drain. Crap-ola! The kid wasn’t making this up!

I immediately got on the phone with the pediatrician’s office and asked to speak to the nurse. After I told the receptionist what was going on (the nurse was on another call), she told me she would call right back after she spoke to the doctors in the practice.

In the meantime, I decided to get some clothes on and throw my hair into a pony tail (no time for makeup) since I knew we would be going somewhere soon. I also made sure Alex’s bag was packed up with things that would keep him busy and others that would keep his tummy full.

We ended up having to head to the Pediatrician’s office first. They wanted to make sure the raisin had not gotten into his lung. I called the hubster to tell him what was going on and then called my Mother-in-law for support. I was pretty scared when I heard the raisin could be in his lung. She gladly met us at the Pediatrician’s office and then stayed with us until the raisin was out.

The Pediatrician saw the raisin and then sent us to an E.N.T. (ear, nose, and throat) doctor for it to be removed. Unfortunately, we had to wait a couple of hours before we could get in to see that doctor and Alex was not allowed to eat or drink anything since they may have to put him under and surgically remove the raisin. UGH…seriously?

My Mother-in-law and I took Alex to the mall to buy him something from the Disney store and then he played on the playground there. (Thank heavens there were very few children and no wet pants. lol) After keeping him distracted and successfully redirecting him when he asked for food or drink, we headed to the E.N.T.

Thankfully, he was able to quickly and easily remove the raisin from Alex’s nose with no pain and no surgery needed.  After the screaming during the procedure itself (we had to pin him down to get it out), Alex was totally fine and happy as could be as soon as it was over. We thanked the doctor for his help and headed to the car where Alex could finally drink some water and eat a snack.

Woo Hoo!

2:00 was our lunch time today since that’s when we got home. After that, Alex went right down for a nap and I took the chance to get some rest, myself.

I’ll tell you what…I can’t remember a time when my morning was so crazy and stressful and I can’t believe that he PUT A RAISIN UP HIS NOSE! I know he’s not the first or last child to do something that like that. I’m just glad he told me what he did so I could get him in to the doctor right away and avoid him getting an infection otherwise.


Thanks for listening. I’m heading off to bed now. Talk about tired….



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