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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Blessing from Friends

Today I received 3 boxes from Fed-Ex. Not one of them was to do with a product review. Not one of them was something I ordered on my own. Instead, all 3 were the gifts of 2 people (and their families) who wanted to bless the little girl on the way and my Alex.

Here’s what I found in the boxes:

There was a bumper pad for the crib and clothes from Christine (and family) and wall stickers and clothes with little cards on them from Erin (and family). *These are 2 of my “Skype Girls” and they are true gems…just like each of my Skype Girls are.*

Alex saw the wall decals right away and wanted them opened up. We went in his room and figured out where they should go. Here’s the finished look:

wall stickers 

He also wanted to say “thank you”.

Alex says "Thank You" from TheMrs. on Vimeo.

I also was able to put the bumper pad on the crib. It was quick and easy. I LOVE this thing. It’s so soft, it matches her canopy perfectly, and it’s breathable so I know she’ll be safe while she sleeps. ( I swear this is not a product review. I just LOVE this bumper pad.) Here’s what the bumper pad looks like on the crib.

bumper pad2 bumper pad

To say I feel blessed is an understatement. They’re generosity has moved this mama to tears. It’s wonderful to know people who not only are thoughtful of me but are also thoughtful of my children.  I love these girls like family and can only hope they know how much I love and appreciate them. It’s so neat how God can match people up across many miles.

Thank you, girls, for your generosity and your friendship. I wish I knew what else to say as a simple “thank you” does not seem enough. I love you! May God return your blessing to you and yours over and over again.



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