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Friday, September 11, 2009

Gap Outlet Sale!!!

As an expecting mom, I currently am getting clothes and accessories together for the little girl on the way. However, I don’t want to pay top dollar for new items when I know she’s only going to wear certain clothes for a couple of months.  (I’m HUGE on bargain shopping.) I tend to browse clearance racks and even enjoy a trip to a consignment shop every now and then. Then, there’s always the Mom-to-Mom sales that are a hit or miss as far as finding the size you need in good condition and at a good price.

For that reason, I can’t tell you how excited I am for the sale going on at the Gap Outlet stores right now.  They currently have a sale going on for their baby clothes from September 11th - 24th. This sale is on outlet prices which have already  been marked down from their retail value!!! (Sizes newborn to 5 years are included in this sale.)

If you plan on hitting the sale yourself, click HERE to get a coupon for an extra 10% off your purchase. (That’s on top of the sale prices!!)  And if you’re not sure where your closest Gap Outlet store is, click here to find which of the 200 stores is closest to you.

Gap Outlet - Semi-Annual Baby SaleTwitterMoms Exclusive: Gap Outlet Semi-Annual Baby Sale Savings!

**If you have a blog and would like to find out how to get even MORE savings for this sale, visit the TwitterMoms Discussion. But hurry, there are only so many GIFT CARDS available.**



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