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Monday, October 12, 2009

A Conversation With The Hubster

My 30th birthday is coming up in December and the hubster and I have been talking every now and then about things I think I may like to do for the big day seeing as I’ll have a newborn to care for. I usually just hit the mall shopping with my mom but since the baby will be so young, I’m leery of taking her into a huge shopping mall full of people and germs while she’s so young.

Anywho, the hubster and I had a short conversation on Saturday that went something like this…

Hubster: Do you want a surprise party for your birthday?

Me: (while sporting my most confused face) If I said “Yes”, doesn’t that kind of ruin the surprise?

H: No. I’ll just tell you that I’m not going to throw one for you so you’ll be surprised when it happens.

M. Ummmmmm…you’re telling me right now that you’re going to say that you’re not throwing a surprise birthday party for me so that I’ll be surprised when you do? Doesn’t that ruin the surprise?

H: No.


So…without overanalyzing the conversation, I’m sure he’s either trying to throw me off his “scent” or he honestly has no clue what he’s saying while he is saying it.




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