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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blogher Sponsorship Request Karaoke Style

Ladies and gentleman, I’m looking for a sponsor or two to get me to Blogher 2010 in New York City.  This conference will not only provide an opportunity to gain exposure for your company among the thousands of attendees, but it will also teach me a thing or 2 about how to work with you more effectively and grow my blog.

I’ve seen several bloggers who have a handful of sponsors to get to the conference but I’m really hoping to get there with one or two companies. This would provide an opportunity for me to give my best effort to earning my sponsorship(s). So, I feel that it would be best to give either one company 100% or 2 companies equal halves of my time and effort.

In an effort to let you know a little more about how I “roll”, I’ve put together a special video just for you. Yes, yes. It’s time for some Blogher Karaoke.


Please feel free to contact me for more information.

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